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Respiratory negative effects have actually included dyspnea, coughing, nasal blockage, sore throat, and also hissing (much less than 1 % to 6 %); epistaxis as well as rhinitis (3 % or less); lung edema (2 %); chest congestion (2 % or much less); as well as top respiratory system infection, respiratory condition, and also sinusitis (1 % or less). [Ref]

Metabolic negative side effects have consisted of gout as well as enhanced weight (1 % or less), fat burning (much less than 1 %), and hyperglycemia. [Ref]

Bone and joint adverse effects have actually consisted of muscular tissue aches (2 % or less to 8 %); leg aches as well as arthralgia (3 % or less); swelling and also joint tightness (2 % or much less); back discomfort and myalgia (1 % or much less); arthritis, joint disorder, as well as myasthenia (less than 1 %), and also joint inflammation with ANA (+) (less than 0.5 %). [Ref]

Genitourinary negative effects have actually included erectile dysfunction, polyuria, and also urinary frequency (3 % or much less); sex-related troubles (2 % or much less); boob pain, dysuria, hematuria, and nocturia (1 % or much less); and urogenital condition, erectile disorder, as well as gynecomastia (less compared to 1 %). [Ref]

Ocular negative effects have included blurred vision (2 % or less); unusual lacrimation and uncommon vision (1 % or much less); amblyopia, conjunctivitis, diplopia, eye condition, and eye hemorrhage (less compared to 1 %); and also passing blindness (at the peak of plasma level; much less than 0.5 %). [Ref]

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